Social Media

Social Media lets you interact with customers in real-time.

Having an ongoing conversation with your following constantly keeps your message in their mind. It also helps companies increase brand awareness and spread information quickly. Social media gives brands social credibility.

Email Marketing is a powerful way to connect with your customers.

Messages from the customer’s friends and family are sitting next to email updates from YOUR restaurant. That’s why email marketing works at its best when it is personalized.

Email Marketing

Website Development

A stellar website is crucial for your business’s success.

Websites are constantly changing and evolving. Keeping your site fresh and updated is a very important component in your business. Hometown Social provides total web design from start to finish, and makes your web design experience clear with one flat rate, rather than hourly charges. We also do website upgrades!  Ask about our Five Hour Facelift for outdated sites…


Hometown Social’s Graphics team provides premium artwork, including the creation of graphics or flyers for special announcements and events, menu creation and maintenance, specialized images, graphics for e-mail blasts, truck wraps, billboards, and much more.



Public Relations

Public Relations

A basic definition of public relations is to shape and maintain the image of a company, organization or individual in the eyes of the client’s public. We work closely with local, as well as national publications to highlight our client’s business, maintain solid reputation, and inspire new business for our clients.